111 Urgent Care

Next month, our NHS 111 service will be inspected by the Care Quality Commission. Ahead of their visit, the CQC want to hear from people who have used the service.

If you would like to provide feedback to the CQC about our NHS 111 service, you can contact them through their ‘Share Your Experience’ form which is available via cqc.org.uk/yourexperience. Once you are on this page press ‘start now’, select ‘good/bad or both’ and then continue, on the next page search ‘Integrated Urgent Care Centre’; it’ll come up with several services but ours is the third option where you should see West Midlands Ambulance Service underneath the blue header.

West Midlands Ambulance Service took over provision of the NHS 111 service in the West Midlands (except Staffordshire) in November 2019. The 111 service answers in excess of 20,000 calls every single week.

Like 999, 111 is free and available 24 hours a day. 111 is a non-emergency service which offers urgent health care assessment and can signpost you to the most appropriate care for your condition; this could be self-care, your GP, a local pharmacy, walk-in centre, the emergency department or we’ll arrange for an emergency ambulance if required.

When you call 111, the first voice you will hear is one of our specially trained call assessors who will take you through a series of questions to determine how we can help. We also have a team of clinicians on hand within our control room who is able to provide additional assessment and advice, when required, over the phone. Our team of clinicians include GPs, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics as well as dental and mental health nurses.