Long Service and Excellence Awards – photographs

Photographs for 20 years Long Service and Good Conduct can be found here:



Photographs for 25 years Long Service and Good Conduct can be found here:



Photographs for 30 years Long Service and Good Conduct can be found here:



Retirement photographs can be found here:



Outstanding Achievement photographs can be found here:



Photographs of Chief Officer Commendations can be found here:



and http://officialwmas.posterous.com/west-midlands-ambulance-service-long-service-34064



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  1. Dear / Madam

    Sorry to bother you but I have tried to access the photographs on your site of the event that took place at Chateau Impney Hotel on the 14th Mar for West Midland Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust but it is saying that they are no longer available

    Unfortunately my pictures that my wife took never turned out and I would dearly love to be able to either download pictures of myself from the site or indeed buy the ones of me from youselves if you could send them to me through the post

    I do hope that it will be possible for you to help me as this was the proudest day of my life and not to have any photographs of the event is such a shame

    My E-Mail address is pss4@hotmail.co.uk or iteratively my mobile phone is 07894460521

    Thank you for you kind assistance in this matter

    Kind regards
    Paul Sheldon

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