Visit to Wrekin View Primary School

Thursday 20th June 2013 – 9.10am – Chris Kowalik.

Two members of West Midlands Ambulance Service staff have embarked on a programme to visit children at schools throughout Shropshire.

Visit to Wrekin View Primary 06-06-13

Paramedic Edd Davis and Clinical Team Mentor Tess Allmark’s first trip was to Wrekin View Primary School on Thursday May 23rd. It was also part of the school’s “people who help us” week.

There, they taught children the importance of when to call 999 as well as showing them how to do first aid and dress wounds. Some pupils also played “patients”, being placed on scoop stretchers and having neck collars applied. They were also wowed by the lights and sirens of the ambulance.

Visit to Wrekin View Primary 2 06-06-13

Edd said: “It is important for children to meet us in uniform, see the things we do, the equipment we use and have a look around the ambulance so they don’t feel scared if we have to help them in a real emergency. It is also important to teach them when and when not to call 999.”

Visit to Wrekin View Primary 3 06-06-13

Ellese Smallwood, a teacher at the school, said: “The children thoroughly enjoyed it and my colleagues and I were amazed at how well both Edd and Tess interacted with the children.”

Edd is planning on visiting more schools in Shropshire. If you know of a school in Shropshire that would like to be visited, contact Edd on 07816 247 681 or email


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