Not such a fishy tale

Friday 26th July 2013 – 2.37pm – Murray MacGregor.

The tales you hear from fisherman are notoriously inaccurate, but for anyone casting their rod at a well known Black Country pool today, they certainly have a whopper of a story to tell.

You certainly wouldn’t be falling hook line and sinker if they said that they almost caught a car today. As for the driver, far from being reeled in, he had to swim for it.

The incident happened on Moseley Road in Willenhall at just after noon on Friday and resulted in three 999 calls to the ambulance service.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Given the nature of the calls, we immediately sent an ambulance to the scene.

“When the crew arrived, they found a bus stop that had been damaged, a hole in a hedge and a car sitting in the pool with water up to the level of the windows.

“They were told that the incident happened after a near miss between two cars.

“Fortunately, the driver, who was estimated to be about 20 years old, had been able to climb through the car window and swam to the bank where he was sitting when they arrived.

“He was checked over but other than being soaked through, his observations were normal and so he was discharged at the scene.

“Given the circumstances, it is indeed fortunate that no-one was injured.

“As for the anglers, they’ll just have to try and persuade their mates that this is more than just a fishy tale.”



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