Learning is child’s play with West Midlands Ambulance Service

Thursday 1st August 2013 – 11.15am – Chris Kowalik.

Staff from West Midlands Ambulance Service have been teaching pre-school children about their lifesaving work as part of an education drive in Shropshire.

Paramedic Edd Davis has embarked on a series of school visits and recently complemented it with trips to two nurseries.

On June 28th, Edd and Emergency Medical Technician Beverley Brunt visited Hadnall pre-school Nursery. On July 4th, he was accompanied by Clinical Team Mentor Paramedic Tess Allmark and Emergency Medical Technician Andrew Bovington at Hillside House Nursery (pictured).

Learning is Child's Play with WMAS

They brought an ambulance with them and taught the children when and when not to call 999.

Emily Duxbury of Hadnall pre-school nursery said: “The children loved seeing the ambulances and enjoyed setting off the sirens, exploring the equipment and bandaging. There have been bandages applied all afternoon and I don’t think there is a doll or teddy who hadn’t been made better. All the children were able to tell us which number to phone if they had an emergency.”

Learning is Child's Play with WMAS - 2

(Pictured above – thank-you card from Hadnall pre-school nursery)

Beth Lewis, Manager of Hillside House Nursery said: “The questions about emergencies and when to call 999 were really valuable. The children all loved having the certificate that you provided at the end and this was a great way to share the experience with mums and dads.”

If you know of a school or nursery in Shropshire that would like Edd and his colleagues to visit, contact Edd on 07816 247 681 or email eddcjdavis@gmail.com


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  1. This is a brilliant initiative by WMAS. The more young children are given this knowledge, the more lives will be saved. This will mean that Paramedics can use advanced techniques and get patients into hospital/make a full recovery.

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