Keep our children safe

Tuesday 3rd September 2013 – 5.30pm – Leah Parker.

New government statistics show that each week on West Midlands roads, 15 children are knocked down and hurt while on foot.

With summertime over and the school holidays now drawing to a close, there are more children on the roads and pavements during rush hour traffic. West Midlands Ambulance Service is appealing for all parents and drivers to be aware and make sure we keep our children safe.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokeswoman said; “By following simple actions and encouraging road safety, we can increase the safety of our children and reduce the number of incidents surrounding school time traffic.

“Slowing down and sticking to speed limits when driving can make us more aware of excitable children running out into the middle of the road unexpectedly. It might also benefit you to include school time traffic when planning the time you allow yourself to get to work; this avoids being in a ‘mad rush’.

“As parents it’s important that we teach our children all the dos and don’ts of road safety; especially to act sensibly when by the road. Supervise young children and set a good example by using allocated crossings, wearing seatbelts in the car and using helmets when riding a bike. All pretty basic stuff. Also, as the dark nights become closer, children who are travelling to or from school without supervision should be encouraged to travel with a friend.

“We all love our phones, mp3s and gadgets, but they can be a big distraction and cause us to not look where we’re going! Be aware when using them while you are travelling to ensure that you can see and hear everything around you.”

For more information from the NHS on road safety you can follow the link below.



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