Developing our staff to help patient care

Wednesday 18th September 2013 – 7.00pm – Murray MacGregor.

Every organisation needs to develop if it is to grow and prosper. The key to that process is to help the most important part of your organisation; your staff, to do the growing so that they can make the difference.

For an organisation like West Midlands Ambulance Service, this is especially true because by developing our staff, we improve the level of patient care and safety which ultimately could have a lifesaving consequence.

This Thursday (19th September), we will be running our second Organisational Development Conference for many of our staff who are ‘growing’ in their roles, skills and leadership.

Barbara Kozlowska, Head of Organisational Development, said: “The Trust’s vision is designed to enable us to become even more successful than we already are. It describes how we will ensure the culture, capacity and capability of our staff will allow us to take the way we care and treat patients to the next level, for example treating more patients at the scene, reducing the number that need to go to hospital and the care they experience is of the highest possible standard.

“This conference celebrates the progress that has been made in bringing this strategy to life and seeing in practical terms how patients have benefitted. This could be anything from the hundreds of staff who have been able to increase their knowledge and become paramedics to staff who have developed into some of our top leaders.”

Our keynote speaker is Mark Wood who has been involved in numerous expeditions in the artic and up Mount Everest. He said: “Exploring to me is more than just self-discovery. As I operate within the extremes of the planet I aim to communicate issues affecting us all. I’ll be comparing different styles of leadership from extreme areas of the planet to within your own workplace.”

In addition, those attending will get a chance to take part in a series of workshops to give them new ideas and skills in communicating more effectively and explore actions to encourage innovation.

The event takes place at The Public in West Bromwich between 9.00am and 3.00pm.

You can follow the event via Twitter: @OfficialWMAS or by using the hash tag #ODConf2013



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