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Wednesday 2nd October 2013 – 1.30pm – Chris Kowalik.

A paramedic from Shropshire returned to his former primary school this week to speak to today’s children about the work of the ambulance service.

Jon Ostrowski was joined by colleagues Paramedic Edd Davis, Paramedic Kelly Murphy and Emergency Medical Technician Andrew Bovington at St. Patrick’s Primary School in Wellington on Monday.

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The visit was part of a continuing education drive in Shropshire which involves West Midlands Ambulance Service frontline staff visiting schools and nurseries to show children around ambulances and the equipment they use, teach first aid and the importance of when to call 999.

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Jon said: “Certainly it felt very odd to be teaching in that school after more than 20 years away. I also discovered several of the pupils were actually the children of people I went to school with so it was a really nice experience. All of the staff were really eager for the children to learn and the children seemed to really enjoy the experience.”

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Teacher Gemma Everson of St. Patrick’s Primary School said: “It was absolutely fantastic and the children LOVED it! They have all learnt some valuable lessons about the role of paramedics and the important job they do. The visit also allowed them to experience some of the procedures and equipment they may see if they ever find themselves in a real life emergency situation which I think they will carry with them into adult life.”

Jon concluded: “Quote of the day goes to a year 1 boy who when asked ‘What do you think we do?’, replied ‘You’re heroes’.

If you know of a school in Shropshire that would like to be visited, contact Edd on 07816 247 681 or email


Hear Edd Davis on BBC Radio Shropshire here:

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