Horse box RTC


Monday 25th November 2013 – 9.10pm – Murray MacGregor.

Three men have been hurt after a crash involving a horse box in Warwickshire.

Thankfully, there was no animal in the trailer at the time of the incident which took place at Barford Road in Sherbourne at around 4.00pm on Monday afternoon.

An ambulance and a paramedic officer were sent to the scene.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “When ambulance staff arrived they found a 4×4 on the correct side of the road, but the horse box it had been towing on the opposite side of the road where it had been in collision with a small Suzuki car.

“There had been three men in car at the time of the crash. The 23 year driver was complaining of back pain. He was taken to Warwick Hospital for further assessment and treatment.

“The other two, who were 20 and 34 were assessed at the scene but were discharged with advice.

“The man driving the 4×4 was uninjured.

“It is fortunate that there was no horse in the trailer as it could have been a very different incident.”


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  1. Hi. I was a passenger in the car that was hit and we are currently waiting for the police report to be done. Would like to thank all the people that stopped to help us and the emergency services for there brilliant work. I am happy to tell you that everyone involved in the crash is now out of hospital. If anyone that witnessed the accident could please comment on this aswell as we will would to talk to you about the crash. Many thanks

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