Advent staff


Friday 29th November 2013 – 2.55pm – Murray MacGregor.

For many, the 1st of December is the start of the countdown to Christmas. For children it usually means getting to open the first window of your advent calendar.

This year West Midlands Ambulance Service will be opening its own advent calendar and sharing it with you. Whilst we can’t promise any yummy chocolates inside, we will be introducing you to 25 members of staff and their individual jobs and roles.

When you think of us, you probably visualise a traditional ambulance. Today, it is so much more complex than that and we aim to introduce many of the characters who work in those other roles.

There is everything from a driving instructor to someone who works in the highly computerised control room; a mechanic, an apprentice, a member of the courier service we operate, right through to the staff who keep our vehicles on the road and clean; those who plan the number of staff we need to keep the region safe and even one of our highly trained trauma doctors.

As well introducing some of our staff to you and letting you know what they’ll be doing on the big day, we will also be proving helpful hints on how to keep yourself safe.

Each winter, the number of emergency 999 calls rises significantly when the weather gets colder and especially if the snow arrives. Through our advent calendar we will be providing tips on how to make the best use of the ambulance service and the rest of the NHS by making sure you ‘choose well’.

Join us each morning as we open another window on the world of West Midlands Ambulance Service. And if you see something you like, and want to get a bit of early New Year’s Resolution planning done, don’t forget you can find out more about how to join West Midlands Ambulance Service via the ‘Join Us’ section of our website


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