Advent Calendar Window 3 – Matt Souter, Ambulance Fleet Assistant

03 - AFA Matt Souter


Matt Souter

Job Title:

Ambulance Fleet Assistant



Length of service:

5 months

Role within WMAS:

I clean and restock and prepare the ambulances ready to go out on duty. I check the dates and amounts of each item in the ambulance and restock where necessary. I test all the equipment in the ambulance. I check the oil, tyre press and fuel up in time for the next shift.

Christmas day plans:

I will spend the day with my wife and two kids..


Top tip for winter: On your own? No problem
Not everyone has family and friends all around them. In fact the number of people on their own is increasing. If you’re one of them, there’s plenty you can do over Christmas to get into the festive cheer. Many charities and organisations need help. If you have spare time, why not work as a volunteer. Visit which lists volunteer positions within 5km of your postcode. Closer to home, do you have a neighbour who might be on their own; perhaps a widow whose family lives miles away? Why not take this opportunity to call in on them? There are lots of benefits to being part of a close-knit community and knowing your neighbours. Christmas and New Year can be a very lonely time for the elderly and ensuring they have enough supplies for the Christmas break will not only go a long way to making sure they are ok, but will also give them some much welcome company. Finally, keep busy. Physical exercise has been proved to enhance your mood, whether it’s going to the gym, swimming or wrapping up warm and going outside for some fresh air. Just getting off the sofa and going outdoors should make you feel better.

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