Advent Calendar Window 10 – Darren Brunt, Mechanic


Name: Darren Brunt

Job Title: Mechanic

Base: Shrewsbury

Length of service:  8 years

Role within West Midlands Ambulance Service:

I service and maintain ambulances and rapid response vehicles to a safe standard including a lot of preventative maintenance to try and make sure they don’t break down in the first place. In Shropshire we have a fleet of 50 vehicles to look after. This role is very important and it’s not just because my wife who is an Emergency Medical Technician drives them. If my mum or dad needed an ambulance, I wouldn’t want to think there isn’t one available because it’s on the ramp needing repair. It’s important that they’re right, safe and on the road. You never know when a family member might need it.

Christmas day plans:

I will be at home with my wife helping the kids open their presents! But I will also be on call. If I am called, I will get into my blue uniform and repair the vehicle if it can be fixed.

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