RTC in Shrewsbury


Tuesday 10th December 2013 – 8.40pm – Murray MacGregor.

An elderly man was left trapped upside down for around half an hour after a crash in Shrewsbury last night.

The crash happened at about 9.00pm on Ellesmere Road.

Two ambulances and the MERIT Trauma doctor were sent to the scene.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “On arrival, ambulance crews found three cars that had been damaged. One car was upside down and another was on the pavement. A third car had minor damage to the front offside headlight and bumper.

“Two elderly men were in the upside down car. One had managed to get out himself. The second was still inside.

“The man inside was removed by ambulance staff with the assistance of firefighters on a spinal board. He was assessed by the doctor at the scene and was found to have suffered no significant injuries but was taken to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital as a precaution.

“The other elderly man was taken to the same hospital, again as a precaution.

“No-one in the third car was injured. It is believed the second car was parked at the time of the crash.”


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