Advent Calendar Window 16 – Sheena Allatt, Courier Transport Driver

16 - Sheena Allatt, CTS

Sheena Allatt

Job Title:
Courier Transport Driver


Length of service:
6 years

Role within WMAS:

I work for the Courier Transport Service (CTS). I’m one of a team of 27 courier drivers who operate throughout the region. My workload is focused in Staffordshire and I am responsible for transporting medical equipment, records, prescriptions and clinical waste to and from GP surgeries within the County and the wider NHS.

Christmas day plans:
My last shift is on Christmas Eve and this will be the first Christmas in six years where I wont be working over the Christmas Period. My plans for Christmas day will be cooking dinner for the whole family and then I will be flying off and I will be spending New Year away on holiday.

Top tip for winter:
Catch it, kill it, bin it.
Almost everyone will get a cough or cold at some point this winter. When it’s your turn or someone in your family or a friend, you can play a vital role in reducing the chance of the germs spreading. Studies have shown that respiratory infections are reduced in groups who practice good hand and respiratory hygiene measures. This campaign is also likely to have a positive effect on other diseases such as Norovirus which leads to diarrhoea and vomiting. When you cough or sneeze, use a tissue, put it in the bin and wash your hands to stop the spread of germs. It really is that simple. If you don’t have access to hand washing facilities, use an alcohol gel to reduce the chance of germs spreading. Sadly there is nothing that the ambulance service, A&E or your GP can prescribe which will help you through your cough or cold; you just have to tough it out. However, you can use over the counter medicines, keep yourself hydrated and try and get plenty of rest.

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