Advent Calendar window 17 – Ian Inglesant, Area Support Officer

17 - Ian Inglesant Area Support Officer (ASO)


Ian Inglesant

Job Title:

Area Support Officer

Warwick Ambulance Hub

Length of service:
21 years

Role within WMAS:
I work as a Paramedic Area Support Officer in the Warwickshire area, managing the shift that I am on and ensuring it runs smoothly, solving any issues that occur as quickly as possible. I also attend serious incidents to manage the scene and multiple resources to ensure that all patients get the best treatment as soon as possible. Ensuring the welfare of staff is also a priority, especially with some of the disturbing scenes they attend on a daily basis as part of the job. Providing support and advice to our front line staff is vital.

Christmas day plans:
I will be spending the first part of Christmas day with my partner before I head to Warwick Station to work the Christmas day night shift between 7pm and 7am. I will then be back in to do the same shift on Boxing Day from 7pm!!

Top tip for winter: The dangers of drink driving
When you speak to almost any of our crews, they will almost all have a story where a completely innocent party has died or been seriously injured as a result of drink driving. Being drunk in charge of a car is simply not acceptable. If you have had even one drink, we would urge you not to get behind the wheel of a car as even that one drink will slow your reaction times down. Last year, as a result of drink driving on Britain’s roads, 290 people were killed; 1,210 people suffered serious injuries and 8,500 people were slightly injured (Department of Transport). Among those killed in drink-drive accidents, 68% were drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists over the legal alcohol limit. Not only will our colleagues in the police be vigilant of an evening an increasing number of people are being caught the morning after the night before. It’s all too easy to think that after a night’s sleep you’ll be ok. However, it will depend how much sleep and how many drinks you had as to whether you will be under the limit. Please plan ahead and don’t drive if you are not within the legal alcohol limits as the advert says, ‘drink driving wrecks lives’. Our crews know that only too well.

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