Advent Calendar Window 18 – Pav Soori, Senior IT Technical Support

18 - IT Helpdesk - Pav Soori
Name: Pav Soori

Job Title: Senior IT Technical Support

Base: Ambulance HQ Dudley

Length of service: 5 years

Role within WMAS:

I work at Trust HQ in the IT department as Senior IT Technical Support. Part of my role is to help ensure that all computer systems and IT hardware work appropriately for the 999 system, and also IT at headquarters and on station for staff. If there is a fault flagged up with any system we have a member of staff on site 24/7 manning the IT helpdesk to try and fix the problems as soon as possible. Obviously the 999 call system and related IT programmes are our priority. I enjoy my job and get satisfaction from knowing that as a ‘behind the scenes’ department, we make a telling contribution to the 999 system running smoothly when patients make that emergency call.

Christmas day plans:

I will be spending Christmas Day relaxing with my wife, but I will be working New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day manning the Trust’s IT Helpdesk ensuring that everything IT wise is working correctly (fingers crossed!). As an ambulance service it is the busiest time of the year, so I will be on hand to sort out any IT issues as quickly as possible.

Top tip for winter:

Think ahead – In the run up to Christmas, we all make sure we have everything we need from the supermarket so that we can enjoy the big day with family and friends…and probably eat and drink a bit too much. However, making sure that you prepare medically is also important. Each year, the 999 service gets several calls from worried members of the public who have woken up on Christmas Day and found that they have run out of their medication. Sadly, there is nothing that we can do to assist you. Therefore, please make sure that you have enough medication to last when your GP surgery is closed. It’s important that you book any routine appointments with your practice in plenty of time and ensure that you have enough medication to last you over these times. Don’t use A&E as a back-up pharmacy, plan ahead.

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