Advent Calendar window 22 – Nick Crombie, MERIT Trauma Doctor and Clinical Lead for Midlands Air Ambulance

Due a technical fault – this window wouldn’t open yesterday – but today you get to open two windows!

22 - MERIT Trauma Doctor - Nick Crombie


Nick Crombie

Job Title:

Medical Emergency Response Intervention Team (MERIT) Trauma Doctor and Clinical Lead for Midlands Air Ambulance


Cosford Air Ambulance Base / HART Base, Oldbury

Length of service:

7 years

Role within WMAS:

I provide pre hospital care to patients at the scene of serious incidents and offer support to ambulance crews across the Region. On a day shift, MERIT responds to 999 calls with a paramedic on the Midlands Air Ambulance from Cosford and at night we revert to four wheels and respond from a base Oldbury. MERIT is predominantly geared towards major trauma cases and complex injuries where the focus shifts to getting the right medical care to the patient rather than getting the patient to the right care. As a MERIT doctor I’m able to give patients more advanced treatment at the roadside including anaesthesia, surgery and advanced painkillers, further enhancing the treatment given by ambulance crews. I’m responded to patients with severe or complex injuries, prolonged incidents or those with multiple casualties such as high speed road traffic collisions, industrial accidents, stabbings and shootings.

Christmas day plans:

This Christmas I’ll be spending it at home with my family…..however I may end up at a 999 call if there’s an incident nearby as I’m a MARS (Mercia Accident Rescue Service) BASICS doctor and respond in my spare time for the ambulance service.

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