Advent Calendar window 23: Gerry Lee, Hospital Ambulance Liaison Officer

23 - HALO - Gerry Ley


Gerry Ley


Job Title:

Hospital Ambulance Liaison Officer (HALO)



Hospital A&E departments across Birmingham!


Length of service:

36 years


Role within WMAS:

I am based in Birmingham’s A&E departments. I am responsible for ensuring our ambulance crews are able to hand over patients to hospital nursing staff promptly. My role includes working with the nursing staff, hospital managers, ambulance crews and the Trust’s emergency operations centre. At times of high demand when there is an increase of 999 calls and an influx of ambulances to hospitals, this is where my role is vital. Patient care is paramount and team work is the key to ensuring patients are handed over quickly to allow the ambulance crew to respond to the next 999 call. If, for any reason, they’re delayed at hospital, I am on hand to help resolve any problems or issues.


Christmas day plans:

I am working Christmas Day this year. I’ll be having my Christmas Day celebrations and dinner with my two children, their partners and my husband on the 28th December.


Top tip for winter: Try not to get too stressed out

Christmas is a time for merry-making and family get-togethers, but it can have its pressures too.  Let’s face it; the festive season can be one of the most stressful times of the year. The combination of (too much) drink, relatives staying, a lack of sleep, presents to buy and find time to wrap them; stock up on food…and cook it, the kids are overexcited, there’s the tree to decorate; frankly, it can all be just a bit too much and that the festive feeling can fizzle out pretty quickly. Statistics show that January is the busiest month for divorce lawyers!  To make sure Christmas doesn’t become a day to remember for all the wrong reasons, try some of these tips: try and resolve any family rows during the year; plan the day and share out the jobs that need to be done. Don’t slave away for hours on your own and feel like people have taken advantage of you; listen to the ideas and suggestions of others so that you can try please everyone; don’t drink too much; plan a lovely long walk so that the kids boundless energy is reduced and you get out of the house for a bit; try to find some time alone, even if it’s only to have a relaxing bath; and learn to say no to the demands of others…in a nice way.

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