Over 100 treated at temporary minor injury unit in Birmingham


Monday 23rd December 2013 – 10.10am – Chris Kowalik.

A woman from Wales who was worse for wear after a night out and became separated from her friends was one of over 100 people cared for by the Temporary Minor Injuries Unit (TMIU) in Birmingham city centre over the weekend.

The centre returned for its seventh year to treat worse-for-wear revellers on Friday and Saturday nights.

As well as the usual catalogue of drink related injuries, one of the most concerning cases came on Friday night. A woman from Wales had been visiting the city and was due to return home.

Unfortunately, she had had too much to drink and had become separated from her friends. Worse, she didn’t have her mobile phone and her personal belongings were in a locker at New Street railway station. She was cared for at the unit until the effects of alcohol had worn off and was then taken to New Street station on Saturday morning to continue her journey home.

This was just one of 46 cases dealt with while the unit was operating over Friday night and the early hours of Saturday morning. In addition to looking after office party revellers who had had too much to drink, medics also glued and stitched wounds sustained by falls and assaults.

On Saturday night the unit responded to 62 patients including cuts from broken glass and wounds sustained by assaults. Thankfully there were fewer cases of too much drink compared to the previous night

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Once again, the value of the unit has been proven looking after over 100 people over the two nights. Those are 100 people that could have ended up in a city centre A&E department.

“What it also demonstrates is the risk that some people are prepared to take in the name of having a good time.

“We certainly want everyone to enjoy themselves, but it is important that you look after yourself and, if you are out with friends, look after each other.

“The TMIU will return on New Year’s Eve when we will once again be looking after those who need our help.”

The TMIU is a successful partnership venture with WMAS paramedics, technicians, Central Accident Resuscitation Emergency (CARE) Team nurses and doctors, Fastaid Community First Responders and volunteers from the British Red Cross and St John Ambulance.

It is equipped to provide patients who arrive at the unit by ambulance or by foot with fast and efficient treatment to avoid a long wait in accident and emergency. As well as medical staff, the unit is supported each night it operates by special constables from West Midlands Police and Birmingham’s City Pastors.


Notes to Editors:

A breakdown of what each organisation will be providing at the TMIU is below:

* WMAS – 2 ambulance crews, 3 responder paramedics, 4 paramedic officers.
* St John Ambulance – 5 ambulance crews and four additional volunteers
* British Red Cross – 2 ambulance crews plus an additional 3-4 volunteer Enhanced Skills First Aiders.
* Fastaid – 6 CFRs on Friday and Saturday and 8 on NYE
* CARE Team – a doctor, two nurses.
* City Pastors – 2 pastors at the TMIU with an additional 4 working in and around Broad Street and South Side.
* West Midlands Police – two special constables.






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