Warning to pedestrians after collision


Tuesday 31st December 2013 – 6.40am – Murray MacGregor.

Ambulance bosses are reminding pedestrians of the need to make themselves seen after an incident in the Solihull area where a woman was injured after a collision with a car.

West Midlands Ambulance Service was called to Stratford Road in Shirley, just near the Sainsbury’s store at 6.55pm on Monday evening.

Initially a rapid response vehicle and an ambulance were sent to the scene.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “On arrival they found a 62 year old woman who had suffered a nasty fracture to her upper arm. They were told that the collision had happened at low speed.

“Due to the nature of the injury the ambulance staff requested the MERIT Trauma Doctor be sent to provide advanced pain relief. The woman was treated at the scene before being taken to Heartlands Hospital.

“The man driving the car was uninjured but very upset.

“When it is dark, we would urge pedestrians to make sure that they take extra care when crossing the road. All too often we see cases where the pedestrian was wearing dark clothes, had nothing reflective on them and wasn’t using a crossing point.

“Whilst all road users should be mindful of each other, making it easier for other road users to see you makes sense.

“We would urge drivers to be on the look-out for pedestrians and pedestrians to choose their crossing points carefully to minimise the chances of accidents happening.”


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