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  1. I would just like to thank Oscar and Heather for the excellent treatment I received when my husband called them out to attend to me on Sunday night. So grateful. Gill

    1. Hi Gillian…
      Many thanks indeed for taking the time to contact us.
      We’ve passed your email address onto our compliments team who should be in touch to get further details so that we can establish the crew concerned. Many thanks again.

  2. The two paramedics that came out to me were fantastic. They listened to my symptoms and explained all of the checks they carried them out. They were respectful and professional throughout.

  3. Two very kind paramedics, Cheryl and Emily, called to see my husband who had had a bad fall. They were very thorough and kind and when they left us we both felt very relieved. They called on Friday the 7th June at around 1.30 pm

    1. Hi Marguerita…
      Thank you very much for taking the time to contact us.
      We’ve identified the case and staff and will make sure that they get a copy of your kind words.
      Thanks again

  4. One of your teams was called out to my husband, James Beard at 1-30 at Harvard Place this afternoon. To say they were superb was an understatement, we can’t thank them enough. I hope they have an appraisal soon as good star rating applies to both of them

    1. Hi Margaret…
      Thank you so much for your kind words. We’ll make sure they are passed on to the crew who attended and place a copy of this on their file.
      Thanks again.

    2. Called 111 tonight for some advice after a sudden episode of passing out randomly throughout the day, the call handler was amazing! (Fogive me i forget her name i was a bit emotional) she kept me calm cool and distracted even though i was panicked and stressing out and pretty scared if im honest but she kept her cool with me was the sweetest person and is a complete credit to the service! Stayed on call till the ambulance crew got to me too.
      The ambulance crew… well I’ve never met such a wonderful pair of humans! Suzie and Chris They had all the time in the world for me checked me over thouroughly and really helped me understand what was going on and what could be up with me and they were i think pretty spot on. These two were cool as cucumbers and seem to work well together as a team i cannot thank all involved enough what a brilliant crew all are a credit to the roles they are in!

  5. To all at WMAS and in particular the two paramedics who were called to my workplace earlier this week, the response time was incredible, the two paramedics were both remarkably freindly and calming. Both had extensive knowledge and treated me very well indeed. their diagnosis was spot on and led to me visiting the Xray department.

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