What happens when you dial 999 for an ambulance?

What happens when you dial 999 for an ambulance? Will you be sent an ambulance? Perhaps it will be a paramedic in a rapid response vehicle? It could be a paramedic advising you over the phone or referring you to an alternative service such as a walk in centre or your GP to take you directly to hospital with the blue lights flashing, or are you asked to hang up and contact your GP instead. On Tuesday, you can follow the exploits of Jess in our Emergency Operations Centre on Twitter as she takes 999 calls. At the same time, she’ll be joined by colleagues from North West and East of England Ambulance Services. You can follow all three by following @OFFICIALWMAS or #team999 from 9.30am. Between the three services we’ll take the best part of 9,000 calls during the day. Alternatively follow Jess and the others via the BBC Winter Watch facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/1406296959631316/?ref=22



    1. Hi Stephen – you are of course quite right. We do send CFRs to incidents and always back them up with WMAS staff. HOwever, there is no doubt that CFRs can and do play a really important role in saving lives.

      1. Yes sorry – it was just an observation – I am a CFR…. Just come off shift having attend 4 calls. Great to be of assistance.

      2. Fantastic! I have no doubt that the four people you helped tonight were very grateful. Thank you for giving up your time to help people in your community. All the best

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