Nursery children in the Black Country meet the ‘people who help’

Nursery Children Meet the People Who Help 1     Nursery Children Meet the People Who Help 2

Thursday 10th April 2014 – 9.30am – Claire Brown.

Nursery school children in the Black Country had a special treat this week when an ambulance came to visit.

Roberts Primary Nursery in Lower Gornal was visited by West Midlands Ambulance Service, along with the police and fire service, on Tuesday 8th April as part of the nursery’s ‘people who help’ themed day.

Paramedic Alison Gibson and Commercial Tutors Sian White and Ian Bryan took over the playground with an ambulance packed with all the usual life-saving equipment to show the children that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

During the day, 85 nursery children aged three and four jumped on board the ambulance in groups to discover what was in the back of the mysterious big yellow truck. Some even had the chance to sit in the driver’s seat and turn on the lights and sirens.

Sian White, a Commercial Tutor for the Trust, said: “The children seem to know a lot about the ambulance service and knew to dial 999 if they ever need our help which is fantastic.

“They were very inquisitive when it came to the equipment we carry, such as the heart monitor, and especially liked honking the horn and sounding the siren much to some of the parents’ dismay! It’s a really good way to familiarise children with who we are, what we do and shows them that we’re here to help.”

Zoe Tolley, Nursery Manager said: “We had an amazing day in Nursery and would like to thank everyone involved who made our day so special. As part of our Early Years Curriculum it is vital for children to have a good understanding about the wider world around them, different occupations and ways of life.

“It was a really useful opportunity to encourage the children not to feel scared or worried if they see or have to go in an ambulance. The paramedics completed our emergency service visitors so we are all clued up on 999!”



Photograph 1: Paramedic Alison Gibson and Commercial Tutor Ian Bryan show the children how a heart monitor works.

Photograph 2 (in background left to right):   Paramedic Alison Gibson and Commercial Tutors Sian White and Ian Bryan with nursery children.



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