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Tuesday 22nd April 2014 – 12.20pm – John Hawker.

A boy from Coventry, who dialled 999 when his mum collapsed at home in the middle of the night, has been presented with an ambulance service bravery award at the local ambulance hub.

Ten year old Harry Platts dialled 999 in December 2013 when his mum, Melissa, collapsed at their home in Longford.  Harry sprang into action when he heard his mum downstairs making strange noises at around 3.45am.  He quickly comforted his mum whilst calling 999, relaying all the details to the 999 ambulance calltaker about his mum, her condition and their address. Harry also unlocked the door so the paramedics could get in when they arrived.

When Coventry-based Paramedic Clare Cave and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Czes Mowinski arrived, they were greeted by Harry and were amazed when he gave a full rundown of his mum’s symptoms and past medical history.   Paramedic Clare said: “He was being very calm, telling us exactly what had happened to his mom and the previous times it had happened. He was an absolute star. He didn’t panic, he was just great”

Long service EMT, Czes, said: “Harry is very articulate.  He knew exactly what to do, knew exactly where to pick up the medicines, found everything about his mum that we needed to know, got it all sorted out for us. Harry had it all sorted for us. Within minutes we were away in the ambulance – gone.  We nominated him for everything he did, from phoning 999 to speaking to us, telling us what had happened to his mum to everything that started from one to ten. Every bit of the way Harry helped us, helped us speaking to his mum, reassuring his mum. For a ten-year-old, can’t better it, can you? What more can we ask for? He is a lovely little lad.”

Clare and Czes presented Harry with a bravery award at the Coventry Ambulance Hub on Wednesday 9th April. Harry was accompanied by his mum, other close family members and friends.

Of the calls, Harry said: “I had to grab my mum’s phone and call from that.  I was scared the first time but I the next time was a lot easier, I was more calm and relaxed.  I am getting used to it now and when I realise what I am dealing with I know exactly what to do.”

Mum Melissa, who is 36 and has been diagnosed with epilepsy, said: “I am extremely proud of Harry.  It’s great to know that someone so young can remain calm and call 999 when needed in difficult and scary circumstances.  I thought when I listened back to his 999 call I would be upset, but no, because how can you get upset when you’re listening to the operator? The operator has been just amazing with my son. They were unbelievable. Harry is so strong, he is an absolute rock and I am very proud of him.”

Harry has previously completed a British Red Cross first-aid course and is keen to carry on gaining knowledge about what to do.  He was called into action again late in March this year, when his mum collapsed at home and again he was calm and called 999.  Again he received praise from the call handler and ambulance crew who attended to treat Melissa.


Notes to Editors:

Photographs, audio highlights of the 999 call recording, and a short video of an interview with Harry are available to accompany this press release. Please visit our Twitter, WordPress or Facebook sites.  Picture Left to right; Melissa, Czes, Harry & Clare.


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