Sepsis kills 37,000 people in Britain every year. Thankfully Mark spots it in one of his first patients in First Time on the Frontline

Mark in Parachute Regiment Mark outside Warwick hub Mark Treats dementia patient Philip Mark treats MS patient Julie

Some tough cases for new paramedic Mark on ‘First Time On The Frontline’ today. Although he was a combat medical technician with the Parachute Regiment he’s faced with a number of life threatening challenges in his first few shifts. Sere how he deals with dementia patient Phillip. He manages to diagnose that he’ll need for surgery. One person in three who dies over the age of 65 will have some form of dementia. Next up he spots a case of sepsis on a patient with acute multiple sclerosis. Over 37,000 people a year die from sepsis in the UK alone. Check out the programme here:

Episode 8 of First Time on the Frontline


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