Age shouldn’t hold you back. It’s been a long hard journey but I would recommend being a paramedic to anyone #FirstTimeOnTheFrontline

Julie - Patient in Lift
Julie - Cannular in footJulie and cancer patient Ethel

For new paramedic Julie, the end of the first month on the road is a chance to reflect.  As a 53 year old, it is a very different career to what she’s experienced before, but as she says: “It has taken a long time to get here, but I am incredibly happy that I have.”

In today’s Episode of First Time on the Frontline, we see Julie treating two patients.  The first is 53 year old epileptic Neil who is in severe pain after a fall.  Julie has to think laterally to ensure he gets the necessary pain relief and asks for back up from the HART Team.

Her second patient is Ethel who at 68 is once again battling cancer and has got suspected pneumonia which could potentially kill her.  Julie has to act fast to make sure both her patients get the care that they need.

Catch up with Julie here: First Time on the Frontline – Episode 12

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