I’m very lucky to have found something I love doing and get paid for it! #FirstTimeOnTheFrontline

“I feel  that is is the job for me”

Those are the words of rookie paramedic Sam, one month into his new career. For the 22 year old, the shift will bring some challenges.  First up is a 28 year old mum who has a ulcer. Sam has to keep her baby son happy so that it doesn’t affect her blood pressure.

Then it’s on to help a mum to be Nicola. SHe’s nine months pregnant and due to have a Caesarian  in two days time when her waters break. Can Sam get her to hospital before her baby decides to make his first appearance?

Catch up with First Time on the Frontline – Episode 13 here.

Mum to be NicolaIt's blue lights and sirens on for SamSam working with friend and fellow rookie AshOutside Sandwell Hospital

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