My confidence is growing each day but my journey is only just beginning #FirstTimeOnTheFrontline

Christine is transferred into hospitalChristine is transferred onto the ambulanceMaya and Mel at the scene of the hangingMayaMaya with her graduation certificate


It’s a tough couple of shifts for Maya as she approaches the end of her first month as a paramedic. She is sent, with her mentor Mel, to her first hanging where unfortunately, the patient has not survived. As Mel says: “Books can’t teach you this – this is reality.”

Her next case is to  Christine who has fallen whilst running for a train. Judging by the swelling to her leg, it looks like she might have fractured it.

For Maya, she is growing in confidence but is well aware that it is only a matter of weeks since she left university.  For all that, it’s clear that she loves her job and patients are benefitting from that.

Catch up with Maya here: First Time on the Frontline – Episode 14

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