A large part of our job is dealing with bereavement. You have to find your own coping mechanism #FirstTimeOnTheFrontline

In the final episode of First Time on the Frontline we meet up again with rookie paramedics Sam and his good friend Ben.  We see how far they have come in the three months since they joined West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Sam has to show his adaptability when it comes to directing the firefighters who have come to help extricate a young woman from a car crash.

The front of the bus involvedFitting a neck collarClose working needed directing the firefightersSafely out of the car

Next up a tragic case of an 88 year old lady who has had a stroke. Despite getting there quickly and everything possible being done, unfortunately she dies a short time later.  Talking about coping with bereavement, Sam says: ” As long as I feel I was able to provide my patient with the best level of care that I could, then I am happy.  You have to find your own coping mechanism – it is the nature of the job at the end of the day.

Continuing the assessment the patient en-route to hospitalSpeed is vital in stoke cases

Finally, Sam and Ben pair up to help a man who has been involved in a collision with a car. They have to work fast but carefully due to the freezing conditions and the concern that he might have a ncek injury that could potentially leave him paralysed.

Keeping control of the patient's neckBen's in the back while Sam drives

Finally a chance to reflect on their three months in the job. Both agree it’s a great job and so much more.

It's a great job and so much moreThe end of the episode and the end of the series

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