Emergency Bikers on a mission to keep riders safe

Biker paramedics at QEHB 2

Tuesday 17th June 2014 – 11.30am – Claire Brown.

With the weather improving for motorcyclists, the Trust’s ‘Emergency Bikers’ Mark and Steve are appealing to fellow riders to stay safe on the Region’s roads.

Motorcycle Paramedics Mark Hayes and Steve Harris will be popping along to Bassetts Pole bike meet this evening (Tuesday) to help educate motorcyclists about the dangers of not wearing appropriate protective clothing. They’ll be bringing along a former colleague to help.

John Brown worked for the Trust for 16 years and was a motorcycle paramedic for around six years. Whilst off duty one morning, John was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident and consequently lost a leg.

Mark, who has been riding motorcycles for more than 20 years, said: “I hope that John’s personal experience will help to change the minds and habits of those bikers that throw caution to the wind when they’re on two wheels. I’ve dealt with more accidents involving riders than I care to remember during my career.

“We hope that by attending the bike meet later on today we’ll be able to encourage motorcyclists to wear the correct protective clothing which will help to reduce the level of injury or ultimately help to save their life if they’re ever involved in a crash.

“It’s all too tempting to jump on your bike in jeans or shorts and a t-shirt when it’s warm but, believe me, it’s just not worth the risk. A good set of leathers and a safety helmet go a long way to minimising injury as well as closed-toe footwear, preferably over-the-ankle motorcycle boots and full leather gloves.

“If you’re a biker, why not come and say hello to us tonight.”

Mark, Steve and John will be at the bike meet at the Bassetts Pole Inn, London Road, Bassetts Pole, B75 5SA from 7pm tonight.



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