That’s more than lucky

M42 Jnc 3-2 (28-06-14)

Saturday 28th June 2014 – 11.10pm – Murray MacGregor.

A couple have escaped injury despite their car leaving the M42 and ending up upside down in a field.

The crash happened between junctions 3 and 2 at about 5.10pm on Saturday afternoon – it was raining heavily at the time.

Callers who dialled 999 said that the car had spun before leaving carriageway. An ambulance crew and a senior paramedic officer attended the scene.

The couple in the car were taken to Hopwood Services to help get the motorway moving again.

After a check up they chose not to go to hospital. All ambulance resources were clear by 6.20pm.

Absolutely no doubt that they were very lucky indeed.


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