Chief Executive’s Salary

Following a recent newspaper report saying that Anthony Marsh has received a “£50k pay rise”, West Midlands Ambulance Service and East of England Ambulance Service wish to set the record straight.

Mr. Marsh’s substantive position is that of Chief Executive of West Midlands Ambulance Service. He is also Chief Executive of East of England Ambulance Service. For the combined work his salary has been increased by £50,000, saving the taxpayer approx. £130,000 on the cost of a having a substantive Chief Executive in each ambulance trust.

Mr. Marsh is now responsible for the running of both organisations, doing the job of two Chief Executives. He is not, however, earning the salaries of two Chief Executives. On average, Mr. Marsh works at least 70 hours a week to ensure both areas receive his full attention.

West Midlands and East of England Ambulance Services have a combined workforce of almost 9,000 staff, answer approximately 6,000 999 calls every day and cover a combined area of over 12,000 square miles.

East of England Ambulance Service was a failing trust. Since his appointment as interim Chief Executive, Mr. Marsh has brought in brand new frontline vehicles and almost 400 new staff. The organisation has turned a corner.

West Midlands Ambulance Service is meeting its performance targets this year in very difficult circumstances and despite massive increases in demand. The West Midlands Trust is regularly seeing demand at 10% above that commissioned, but the trust is still performing thanks to the hard work of staff.

For 2014-15, Anthony Marsh’s total salary for his work at West Midlands Ambulance Service and East of England Ambulance Service is £232.226. This includes the £50,000 uplift for his additional duties for the East of England trust.

By comparison, within the same two areas, there are 11 Chief Fire Officers and 10 Chief Constables.

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  1. I just can’t see it’s right that people can earn more than the Prime Minister, which is obviously the top job in the country.. Yes I get he’s doing 2 jobs but that salary is just mad. The lower graded front line staff such as nurses get nothing like this as a wage.
    Cuts are having to be made within NHS due to the economic crisis – people are deprived life-saving medication due to the cost of trusts not being able to supply. Wards are being shut, mental health units are closing or have had to slash the number of beds in half in some case, cancer patients are not being treated earlier enough after being diagnosed and you say its justifiable one man gets to have a salary that could’ve been spent elsewhere.
    By the way when he has to travel between the two areas will he have the audacity to put in a claim for expenses??

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