Disappointing sensationalist reporting


Once again, we wish to set the record straight after another ‘sensationalist’ article in a local media outlet.

As previously stated, Dr Marsh is currently running  two ambulance trusts; he does not receive the salary of two Chief Executives.  Whilst working in the East of England, he does require accommodation which is governed by NHS Guidelines.

On the nights in question, he did stay at Champneys at a rate of £75 per night.  He arrived at around 10.30pm each evening and left by 8.00am the following morning and did not use any of the facilities.

It is deeply disappointing that the outlet in question should run such a sensationalist headline which suggests that the tax payer is getting poor value for money when the situation could not be further from the truth.

The joint role saves the tax payer approx. £130,000 on the cost of a having a substantive Chief Executive in each ambulance trust.  In addition, the lowest cost is always sought for his overnight accommodation.

By comparison, within the same two areas, there are 11 Chief Fire Officers and 10 Chief Constables.

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