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Thursday 31st July 2014 – 10.00am – Claire Brown.

Whether it was the Green Cross Man, Alvin Stardust or two little hedgehogs that taught you how to cross the road, we’re reminding parents and children alike to stop, look and listen.

In 2012, the Department for Transport recorded 25,218 road traffic collisions involving pedestrians with 5,979 resulting in death or serious injury. Worryingly, 26% of pedestrians killed in 2012 were aged under 16.

The Green Cross Code is easy. Find a safe place to cross, stop before you get to the kerb, look all around for traffic, listen for traffic, when it’s safe go straight across the road – do not run.

Do you know the general rules for pedestrians in The Highway Code? They’re simple:

  1. Always use a pavement or path along the side of the road if provided. Where possible avoid being next to the kerb with your back to the traffic.
  2. If there is no pavement, keep to the right-hand side of the road so that you can see oncoming traffic. Be prepared to walk in single file on narrow roads or in poor light and keep close to the side of the road.
  3. Help other road users to see you. Wear/carry something light-coloured, bright or fluorescent in poor daylight conditions. When it’s dark, use reflective materials which can be seen by drivers using headlights.
  4. Young children should not be out alone on a pavement or road. When taking children out, keep between them and the traffic and hold their hands firmly. When pushing a young child in a buggy, do not push the buggy into the road when checking to see if it is clear to cross, particularly from between parked vehicles.
  5. Pedestrians MUST NOT be on motorways or slip roads except in an emergency.

Visit to read more rules for pedestrian in The Highway Code. For helpful advice, quizzes and tips about road safety visit



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