Jamie’s wish comes true

Tuesday 26th August 2014 – 4.55pm – Chris Kowalik.

A 13 year old boy who’s dream it is to become a paramedic, had his wish come true when he visited an ambulance hub in Dudley.

While he was a patient at Russells Hall Hospital, Jamie Shepherd filled in a “Wishing Well” form.

On Friday 22nd August, the wish came true for the 13 year old from Stourbridge when he met Hospital Ambulance Liaison Officer and paramedic Stephen Yeates and paramedic Michael Hipgrave.

Jamies Wish Comes True 2

Pictured above left to right: Michael Hipgrave, Jamie Shepherd, Stephen Yeates. Picture credit “West Midlands Ambulance Service”

The paramedics answered in-depth questions about their work before showing Jamie around the hub, around an ambulance and demonstrating the equipment they use.

Jamies Wish Comes True 3

Above: Jamie with Stephen. Picture credit “West Midlands Ambulance Service”

Describing why he wants to become a paramedic, Jamie said: “It’s always been a dream job since I was really little. Helping other people helps make change in the world. It was really fun today. The best bit was seeing all the new equipment that I’ve never learnt before.”

Stephen Yeates said: “Jamie has been on some CPR courses, is very keen and interested in how things work. He knew more than I anticipated! He seems to have a good interest and insight into what happens. If he gets his qualifications at school he’ll obviously make a good paramedic when the time comes round should he still be interested.”

Jamies Wish Comes True 1

Above: Fleet mechanic Lee Milgate shows Jamie around an ambulance. Picture credit “West Midlands Ambulance Service”


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