Bridgnorth Community First Responders fundraising for response car

Tuesday 2nd September 2014 – 11.10am – Chris Kowalik.

A fundraising campaign has been launched by volunteer lifesavers in Shropshire.

Bridgnorth Community First Responders (CFRs) have their sights set on a response car to help them get to nearby patients in need while an emergency ambulance is en-route.

Community First Responders are everyday members of the public trained by West Midlands Ambulance Service in a number of assessments and basic lifesaving techniques. They then make themselves available ‘on-call’ with the ambulance service’s control room in the event of a medical emergency in their area.

There are currently six active CFRs in Bridgnorth.

Co-ordinator Ian Thompson said: “Currently our volunteers respond in their own cars. A response vehicle for the group would enable us to provide more cover on occasions because people won’t have to rely on their own transport. The car will be a 4×4, which means in treacherous weather we will be able to get to areas not possible in our own cars.”

For further information on Bridgnorth’s Community First Responders., visit . If you can help, contact Ian Thompson on

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