A cardiac arrest or a stroke – hear a patients story

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Friday 12th September 2014 – 5.00pm – John Hawker.

When someone suffers a cardiac arrest or a stroke, it is the job of the ambulance service to get to that patient fast and for our highly trained staff to provide lifesaving treatment as soon as possible.

These are the life threatening and life changing calls that the 999 service is here for, to try to save someone’s life and give them the best possible chance of making a good, if not full recovery.

However, often it’s the actions of friends, family members and even strangers of these unfortunate people that can make all the difference when it comes to a good outcome.

Everyday around the West Midlands Region, on average 10 people suffer a cardiac arrest a day, and on average we are called to someone who is suspected of having suffered a stroke every 20 minutes (average 70 a day).

Next week we will be bringing you the stories of two patients who suffered a cardiac arrest and a stroke. We will also give advice from our clinical team of what the best course of action is and show how friends or even a strangers actions can change someone’s life forever.

The stories of Jeff, a cardiac arrest victim and Brin, a stroke victim, should give a different perspective of what happens around the West Midlands on a day-to-day basis and prove why it is imperative that 999 calls are only for life threatening and serious injuries.

Watch this space….


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