‘Under attack’ – it’s a national disgrace

Wednesday 15th October 2014 – 9am – Steve Parry/Chris Kowalik

“Lots of times it’s drink related. Getting touched up; sexually touched up; getting patients lashing out at you; constantly abusing you. Some telling you that they are going to rape you, they are going to find out where you live and are coming to get you.”

This is a female ambulance technician’s graphic description of working on the frontline. Sadly, her experience is not rare, it’s an everyday occurrence.

VIDEO: Watch Technician Jacs Murphy:

Continuing for the rest of the week, the ‘Under Attack’ campaign highlights the problems faced by operational medics. Ambulance bosses and trade union leaders are now calling for tougher sentences for those people who attack and abuse ambulance staff.

The number of ambulance workers being attacked, verbally abused or threatened while doing their job continues to be a ‘real concern’ with over 200 cases reported last year.

Follow the progress of the campaign on Twitter and Facebook:@officialwmas



1 comment

  1. This is disgusting,and shouldn’t be tolerated!! What about us nurses?? We get just as much abuse!!
    Tougher rules with zero tolerance should be introduced!! But wait a minute, it’s all about the patients don’t forget!!!

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