NHS England 5 Year Forward View shows what an important part ambulance sevices can play in the NHS


Thursday 23rd October 2014 – 6.00pm – Murray MacGregor.

West Midlands Ambulance Service say the NHS England Five Year highlights the vital part that ambulance services can play in the future of the NHS.

The plan sets out the challenges that face the health service as it moves towards 2020.

WMAS Chief Executive, Anthony Marsh, said: “In the face of mounting pressures across the NHS, this plan calls for a series of changes to support the delivery of health services.

“As a Trust we have been at the forefront of making changes that have made us one of the most effective and efficient ambulance services in the country, which have led to significant improvements in patient care.

“In addition, the developments have increased the number of patients being treated in the comfort of their own homes; reducing pressure on other parts of the health service.

The plan highlights the need to integrate urgent and emergency care services between A&E departments, GP out-of-hours services, urgent care centres, NHS 111, and ambulance services.

  • Since WMAS took over large parts of the 111 service in the West Midlands we have been able to bring the two services together with nurses and paramedics working side by side to help both 999 and 111 patients.
  • We work closely with GPs in a number of areas such as Worcestershire where our crews can refer patients to GPs who come out to the patient’s address
  • Our crews already take patients to urgent care centres and we are looking to increase that number

The plan encourages community volunteering and highlights the role of community first responders.

  • WMAS is lucky to already have literally hundreds of CFRs across the region and are working hard to increase the numbers. Equall,y we are heavily involved in projects such as the British Heart Foundation ‘HeartStart’ campaign which is training members of the public in basic life support.
  • We are investing heavily in public access defibrillators which are placed in local communities so that local people and organisations can help local people and employees.

The plan says the NHS will do far better at organising and simplifying the system.

  • The Trust is determined to integrate our services with other sectors of the health service for example our close working with Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust and West Midlands Police to provide a massively improved service for patients who suffer mental health issues that result in either ambulance or police calls.

Mr Marsh, added: “As a Trust we are very pleased that the report highlights the commitment and dedication of NHS staff. There is rarely a day that I am not left incredibly proud of the actions our staff and volunteers take to save lives and help patients in their hour of need.”

The plan can be found at: NHS Five Year Forward View

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