Telford schoolpupils are taught the ‘Heartstart’ way

Monday 1st December 2014 – 8.30am – Chris Kowalik.

Children at a school in Telford have become the latest to be taught basic but vital lifesaving skills as part of a county-wide educational campaign in Shropshire.

Pupils at St George’s Primary School underwent the course as part of the ‘Heartstart Shropshire CFR’ programme.

It was conducted by Liam Stafford, a call assessor at West Midlands Ambulance Service’s Emergency Operations Centre in Stafford (correct).

The children were taught in carrying out CPR and dealing with loss of consciousness, choking and chest pain.

Telford pupils are taught the Heartstart way

Liam said: “Teaching these important lifesaving skills is a great way to interact with children, giving them the confidence and knowledge should they find themselves in an emergency situation”.

Comments from the pupils about the course included: “Heartstart is the most useful thing you could ever learn”, “I’ve enjoyed this and I know it would be of use if anybody in my family has heart problems” and “It was very interesting learning about how to do CPR.”

To book a free course for your school – contact:

West Midlands Ambulance Service – Cliff Medlicott on 07884 050877 or or

West Midlands Ambulance Service – Terry Foster on 07827 311909 or


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  1. Superb! :o) this should be made part of the National Curriculum, I can think of nothing more important for anyone to learn than the ability to possibly save lives.

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