Don’t forget it could be your loved one…

Thursday 4th December 2014 – 10.30am – Claire Brown.

As part of our week-long campaign appealing for people to stop and think before dialling 999, our staff have an important video message they want you to hear.

The short video features front line ambulance staff and managers, as well as 999 and 111 control room staff passing on the following message: “Chest pain, severe blood loss, difficulty breathing, stroke, unconsciousness.

“That is what the ambulance service is here for. If your call is less serious dial us here at 111 first, so we can keep 999 free for people who really need it. Don’t forget it could be your loved one who is left waiting for an ambulance when their live is in danger.

“Please stop and think, is your call really an emergency?”


Thank you to the following staff who took part in the video:

Andria Smith, Graham Nash, Emma Baxter, Jamie Cashmore, Tim Hughes, Adam Eales, Elizabeth Glendall, Mandy Jones, Antony Glyptis, Jenny Cocks, Jonathan Malko, Mike Duggan, Martyn Bennett, Judith Clarke, Martyn Scott, Julie Jones.


  1. Love this! Hope the message gets across to the general public over the winter pressure period

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