What does a Cathedral, a YMCA and an activity centre all have in common?

Beuadesert ParkNorth Staffs YMCA

Monday 8th December 2014 – 2.45pm – Suzie Wheaton.

All of the above facilities within Staffordshire have been working closely with the ambulance service and now have the ability to save a life!

Beuadesert Park (campsite and activity centre) in Rugeley, North Staffordshire YMCA in Stoke-on-Trent and Lichfield Cathedral have all been working in conjunction with West Midlands Ambulance Service to ensure that staff and visitors to their facilities have the best chance of survival should they become critically ill.

Eighty-five percent of those people who suffer a cardiac arrest have the ability to be corrected by defibrillation. The quicker CPR is carried out and a defibrillator is applied, not only improves the chance of their survival but it can also help to improve the chances of a patient’s full recovery and reduce the time to do so. For every minute a patient is in cardiac arrest, their chance of survival decreases by 10 percent.

WMAS Community Response Manager, Matt Heward said: “The ambulance service strongly believes that by having defibrillators installed in public places, such as sporting clubs, schools and business premises, and having people trained in their use alongside basic first aid techniques really can help to save lives.

“These machines are extremely easy to use, meaning people of all ages and walks of life can provide emergency care to those who need it quickly and effectively prior to the arrival of an ambulance.”

Nigel Theaker, Beuadesert Park Estate Manager said: “As a busy activity centre providing over 50,000 activity days each year and residential facilities to a variety of groups we have been talking about the advantage of having a defibrillator on site for several months. The installation of the device has made us feel much happier that we can offer the correct response in an emergency and by providing an accessible storage cabinet the defibrillator will be accessible 24 hours a day both to our own clients and to the wider community.”

Bruce Petitt, from The North Staffordshire YMCA said: “We are very happy that West Midlands Ambulance Service has chosen North Staffordshire YMCA as one of the locations where a defibrillator will be stationed. The staff here are very enthusiastic about the defibrillator. The training we have had from the Ambulance Service has helped us to appreciate what a fantastic piece of life saving equipment the defibrillator is, and it is so easy to operate.”


Notes to editors

*Defibrillators are devices that are used to restart someone’s heart.

Pictured one: Left to right Nigel (Estate Manager), Lee (Assistant Estate Manager), Rikki (Deputy Activities Coordinator), Emma (Administration Coordinator), and Debs (Activities Coordinator).

Picture Two: Bruce Petitt and Sue Lunt, Members of staff at North Staffordshire YMCA.

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