Lucky escape on M6

Tuesday 10th February 2015 – 12.30pm – John Hawker.

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A mother and daughter had a lucky escape on the M6 this morning after being in an RTC.

The crash occurred on the M6 Northbound, near Junction 3a at around 8.25am.

An ambulance and a paramedic officer attended the scene.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Crews arrived to find a car and a HGV that had been involved in a collision.

“The car had apparently ended up spinning around and going backwards down an embankment on the side of the motorway.

“Fortunately for the two occupants the car came to a halt in a small coppice of trees and got wedged before it could go any further.

“The woman driving the car, believed to be in her 30’s, and her teenage daughter, were both shaken up in the crash and were fully checked over by medics at the scene.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

“Neither had suffered any serious injuries and after assessments were both discharged.”


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