Youngster airlifted with burns injuries after flashbacks from fire

Saturday 14th March 2015 – 10.30pm – Jamie Arrowsmith.

Midlands Air Ambulance at QEHB






West Midlands Ambulance Service is once again warning the public of the dangers of using accelerants on bonfires, following an incident in Worcester this afternoon.

Every year, and not only around bonfire night, crews deal with numerous incidents where members of the public use petrol or other accelerants on bonfires; which can result in flashbacks and serious burns, which can and will scar for life.

Crews were given another reminder of the dangers of using accelerants when a young boy suffered 15% burns from flashbacks on a bonfire in Claines Lane just before 1.40pm this afternoon.

West Midlands Ambulance Service sent an ambulance and the Midlands Air Ambulance from Strensham to the scene.

Paramedic Stuart Evans, who was a member of the air crew to attend the incident, said: “On arrival we discovered a young boy who had suffered flashback burns as a result of using accelerant on a fire.

“We treated him for 15% burns to his face, abdomen and both arms. After initially cooling the burns, we dressed them in cling film and administered pain relief before airlifting him to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

“I would urge everyone to avoid using accelerants on fires as the dangers are clear to see.

“Unfortunately despite the many warnings issued, we are sadly all too familiar with people who have injured themselves in fire related incidents. Burns injuries can be unforgiving and in some cases stay with you for the rest of your life, so please be extremely careful when lighting a fire.”


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