Child Sexual Exploitation – What are you doing about it?


No-one can have missed the horrific reports of child abuse that have been in the media recently. Child sexual exploitation or CSE is a form of sexual abuse.

Children or young people may be tricked into believing they’re in a loving, consensual relationship. The perpetrators groom their victims in a variety of ways: sometimes it is face to face but it can also involve the use of mobile phones and online so that the victim trusts the perpetrator.

CSE can take place in many forms, whether through a seemingly consensual relationship, or a young person being forced to have sex in return for some kind of payment, such as drugs, money, gifts or even protection and affection.

Other children and young people are trafficked into or within the UK for the purpose of sexual exploitation. It can also happen to young people in gangs.

CSE is a crime that can affect any child, anytime, regardless of their social or ethnic background.

Wednesday 18th March is National CSE Awareness Day. You can get more information here.

Why not get involved – write a personal pledge on your hand and then post a photo of it on social media using the hashtag #HelpingHands. The pledge can be anything, from speaking out, to educating others.

You can help to give victims a voice. Pledge your support and help raise awareness of this despicable crime.

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