Ambulance get a man trapped under wheels of HGV tanker into a major Trauma Centre within 34 minutes of call

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Tuesday 24th March 2015 – 9.30pm – Murray MacGregor.

A man has suffered potentially life changing leg injuries after becoming trapped under the wheels of an HGV tanker.

The man was injured on one of the main routes into Birmingham city centre this afternoon.

The incident occurred on Bristol Road at just before 4.10pm.

An ambulance together with a rapid response vehicle, a paramedic officer and a BASICS doctor were sent to the scene. A further response vehicle came across the incident as it was ongoing.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “When ambulance crews arrived, the man, who was estimated to be in his sixties was trapped under the first set of wheels of the trailer unit.

“Ambulance staff worked with firefighters to rescue the man. He received treatment for his injuries as the fire crew used lifting air bags to raise the trailer about six inches for the man to be pulled clear.

“His legs had suffered serious crush injuries. He was immediately loaded onto the ambulance and taken on blue lights the mile and a half to the major trauma centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with the doctor travelling with the ambulance crew. A trauma team was on standby for their arrival.

“Due to the rapid action of both fire and ambulance staff the man was able to receive the best care possible in a major trauma centre within only 34 minutes of the incident happening.”


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