Reasons why you should have a go at CPR

Monday 18th May2015 – 9.30am – Chris Kowalik.

Two cardiac arrest sufferers were given a greater chance of survival over the weekend by members of the public who immediately started performing CPR.

Yesterday morning, a woman in her fifties who was out running with a group in Abbey Hulton in Staffordshire collapsed. Two nurses were running with her at the time and started giving chest compressions. They continued with CPR until the ambulance crew arrived. West Midlands Ambulance Service was called shortly after 10.05am. An ambulance and a paramedic area support officer attended. The woman was taken to Royal Stoke University Hospital.

Yesterday afternoon, a woman in her 80s collapsed in the Why Not Inn pub in Halesowen. There at the time was an off-duty midwife. CPR was immediately performed. West Midlands Ambulance Service was called shortly after 1.20pm. An ambulance and a community paramedic attended. Having been resuscitated, the woman was taken to Russells Hall Hospital.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “Although we don’t know of their current conditions at hospitals, we know their resuscitations at the scene were thanks to the immediate help of people who were nearby when these cardiac arrests happened. Their actions prior to the arrival of ambulances greatly increased the victims’ chances of survival.

“This is why we would encourage everyone to learn how to perform CPR.”

Learn how to push hard and fast from Vinnie Jones (video: British Heart Foundation)


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