They say that you can’t buy love, but for one DIYer, it appears you can buy good luck!

Friday 7th August 2015 – 9.33pm – Murray MacGregor.

A man has escaped what could have been an horrific leg injury after the change in his pocket bought him good luck.

The 60 year old was using a circular saw to build some decking in his back garden when it kicked back and the blade dug into his leg.

West Midlands Ambulance Service was called to the address just outside Uttoxeter at 4.20pm on Friday afternoon. A rapid response vehicle was on scene within six minutes and was backed up by an ambulance.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “When crews arrived they found a man who had suffered a six inch long gash to his left thigh. At it’s deepest, it was almost an inch deep.

“However, although a serious wound, it could have been considerably worse had the blade not caught the coins in the man’s pocket first. A number of coins had been badly damaged, but they had stopped the blade going deeper into the man’s leg.

“From an initial assessment, it looked like the cut had not caused serious damage to the muscle which should allow a good recovery.

“The wound was dressed before he was taken to Royal Stoke University Hospital to have the wound closed.”

Note to Editors
Due to the location of the house, we cannot give you any further details of the address as this would identify the patient – sorry.




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