Rider injured on spaghetti

Monday 10th August 2015 – 5.55pm – Murray MacGregor.

A motorcyclist has suffered a broken leg and ‘gravel rash’ after coming off his motorcycle after a collision with a van on Spaghetti Junction.

The crash happened on the slip road from the northbound M6 on the City bound A38M at around 3.15pm on Monday afternoon.

A paramedic area support officer was first on scene and was backed up by an ambulance.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: “The 30 year old rider was wearing a helmet, leather jacket but only had jeans on when he came off his bike after the collision.

“He suffered probable breaks to his lower right leg and foot. He also had abrasions to his legs, hands and forearms.

“The man was treated at the scene before being taken to City Hospital in Birmingham.

“We would always encourage those riding motorcycles to wear a helmet and full ‘leathers’ whatever the weather as they give considerable protection if you are unlucky enough to come off your bike, whoever’s fault it might be.

“The van driver was uninjured.”

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