Would you know what to do? Let Will and Ian give you advice

Tuesday 11th August 2015 – 11.30am – John Hawker.

If you have ever suffered with a nosebleed, a laceration or an insect bite did you know what to do?

We have put together three short films advising the public on what to do if any of these things happen to you.  Paramedics from Warwick, Ian Inglesant and Will Tansey, have been on camera providing the public with some quick advice and tips on what to do.

Area Support Officer, Ian, said “Should you be unlucky enough to suffer a nosebleed, a cut or an insect sting or bite, do you know what the best course of action is?  By learning some basic first aid the public will hopefully be able to look after themselves and their family member.

“We have tried to be as down to earth as we can and explain things in a way that everyone can understand.  Obviously, we can’t cover every possible scenario, but by giving the basics, people should be able to treat minor injuries and decide if they need to seek further help.”

Will, who has been a paramedic for seven years said: “Hopefully people will find the videos useful.  We know that some people panic when there is blood involved and think they need to call 999 immediately.  However, if someone treats their minor injury themselves, the call handler or ambulance crew who would have been dealing with their minor issue will be free to deal with a real life threatening situation.”

The three videos will be issued over the next few days and available on Twitter @officialwmas, and facebook (officialwmas) and also our website www.wmas.nhs.uk


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